Neuroplasticity-part 4 Scientific Learning also Specific LDs

The Arrowsmith School approach to helping people who have learning disorders is one which requires participants to go in residence. You need to live in one of the few major cities to enroll. Depending on the severity of the learning disability it can take anywhere from a year to three or four years to complete the work. Each weak area of the brain is diagnosed and then individual  activities are prescribed and initiated. The Arrowsmith School has a very long list of success stories.

Scientific Learning, based in downtown Oakland, California was started by Michael Merzenich Ph. D. whose video you might have watched in Blog 3. Scientific Learning’s flag ship product is called Fast ForWord. It is a computer based program that helps children with reading problems develop the necessary neural connections to read effortlessly. The following video has six parts to it. Watch at least the first two.

What is Fast ForWord?

This next six minute video is a real life success story about Kenny Hilliard and how the Fast ForWord program changed his life. For this one you will need to click on the URL below.


Another success story for Fast ForWord.


I went looking for a list of specific learning disabilities and here is what I found:

1) Reading or Dyslexia, 2) Writing or Dysgraphia, 3) Spelling, 4) Math or Dyscalculia,          5) Auditory Processing, 6) Visual Processing, 7) Sensory/motor – Dyspraxia and 7) Social

Here is the video from which I found the specific LDs.

For a more in depth explanation of each type you can go here:

Howard Eaton Ed.M has written a book titled Brain School. It contains stories of children with learning disabilities and attention disorders who changed their lives by improving their cognitive functioning.  Here is one paragraph from the site:  “Above all, Brain School is for those people concerned about children with learning issues, social problems, and underperformance at school. You will read about children and watch their progression from despair to hope to achievement in cognitive functioning. You will see educational psychometrics that will encourage you and provide you with increased awareness. The children in this book have attended Eaton Arrowsmith School and succeeded under its professional teaching staff. Their stories were assembled from assessments, school records, teachers’ comments, and parent interviews. Neuroscience research is discussed, showing how it is connected to the Arrowsmith Program and why the program is so effective.”

I’ve not read the book yet but I have put it on my reading list. There’s nothing that warms the heart more than having children with problems, succeed.

I just viewed this short video and thought it would be a nice way to end this blog post.

………..………….. Dr. Martha Burns ………………..

The Eaton Cognitive Improvement Center list 19 Brain Exercises which cover the most frequent Learning Disabilities out there. Here is the link where you can go read about each one and a description of the effect of the weakness:




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