Neuroplasticity-part 6 Strokes and Brain Plasticity

The understanding of neuroplasticity and stroke recovery go hand in hand.

The following are the first 3 paragraphs from this site. I found the material good but at the end they offer a VHS video for sale. I not sure about the value of the video but I did find the written material very informative.
    “Brain plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, suggests that the location of a given function in the brain (for example, speech) can move to another area of the brain. This transfer can be activated by repetitive learning.
    In the case of stroke, brain plasticity refers to healthy brain cells taking over the functions of damaged brain cells.
    This means that certain lost functions, such as speech and language, may reemerge as the result of intensive rehabilitation.” 

I found lots of videos and material on strokes and the plasticity of the brain. The following are just a few of what I watched. If you need/want something different or more just go looking. If you should find something you feel I should put on this page to share with others please let me know. Steve

Listen to this 9 minute video from a recovered stroke survivor.


A good, straight forward talk about strokes and what happens.

………………………………… Dr. Jennifer Yao …………..

The Doctor has several more videos out there that you can watch on




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