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The Amazing Mind – Brain and Its Neuroplasticity

My purpose in writing this blog is to peak your interest enough in the subject matter to have you do your research into neuroplasticity and how it can change your life for the better. My journey started in 2010 with … Continue reading

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“Younger Next Year” by Crowley and Lodge

This copy of “Younger Next Year:” A guide to living like 50 until you’re 80 and beyond is about: How men can turn back their biological clocks. How they can become functionally younger every year for years to come, and … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity-part 6 Strokes and Brain Plasticity

The understanding of neuroplasticity and stroke recovery go hand in hand. The following are the first 3 paragraphs from this site. I found the material good but at the end they offer a VHS video for sale. I not sure … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity-part 7 Aging and Brain plasticity

I’ve arrived where my journey started; trying to learn what I need to do to sharpen my brain. Here’s a quick 4 minute video to get started: The following 2006 video by Dr. Michael Merzenich (Calisthenics for the Older Brain … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity-part 5 Neuroplasticity & Education Conference

The Eaton Cognitive Improvement Center sponsored a conference on October 25th, 2013 titled, Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection. The program consisted of 7 experts from the field; Dr. Justin Davis, Dr. Max Cynader, Dr. John Ratey, Dr. Brad Hale, … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity-part 4 Scientific Learning also Specific LDs

The Arrowsmith School approach to helping people who have learning disorders is one which requires participants to go in residence. You need to live in one of the few major cities to enroll. Depending on the severity of the learning … Continue reading

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Neuroplasticity–part 3 Into the Details!

As I sat at the Golden Arches reading The Brain That Changes Itself the more excited I became. The one hour each morning I allowed myself drinking coffee and reading started to fly by. Oh, by the way I would … Continue reading

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