Coaching Employees

This page/tab will discuss what I discovered in reading and teaching the book Coaching for Improved Work Performance by Ferdinand F. Fournies. The book can be purchased at following this link:

I found this little 207 page book a gem in helping people understand the basics of managing employees and even one’s own children. It deals with the behavior of others and your own. Ferd, the author, points out that learning to manage employee’s behavior is like learning to fly an aircraft; it’s things you learn then do. I learned how to fly for the USAF back in 1969/70 but it was not until I had discovered this book in 1987 before I really understood how to manage other’s behavior, and certain aspects of my own. Before that time I just muddled along thinking I knew what I was doing. I apology to those employees for not knowing any better but my intentions were good, which of course, doesn’t help. Good intentions are not good enough. Doing the right things is.

If you are interested in doing a better job of managing your employees I suggest you read the following online book review then purchasing your own copy.

By reading, learning, and practiciting the material in this book the benefits will be:
1) You will be do a better job managing your employees
2) Your employees will be doing a better job.
3) Your company will improve.
4) Your life will improve by getting that one challenging employee to do what he/she is supposed to be doing.

For an overview of this book you can go to this URL and look at the Book Review done by Jennifer Watson. I’ve found it easier to use the right side scroll bar than the advance page feature at the bottom.

As I get time I will post more blogs here discussing some of the things I learned from reading, teaching and helping others use the material in this gem of a book.


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